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Also known as Uttarardh Mahotsav Modhera, Modhera Dance Festival is a great platform for classical dancers to showcase the rich traditional heritage.

Modhera Dance Festival

Venue: Sun Temple Modhera, Gujarat
Time: January
Duration: Three days
Highlight: Classical dancers from all parts of the country take part in this grand occasion and entertain the audience.

The Modhera Dance Festival is a popular dance festival that is conducted each year in the state of Gujarat. Also known by the name 'Uttarardh Mahotsav Modhera', it is pleasing display of Indian pageantry. For those who are planning to visit Modhera for the first time the town is located in the Mehsana constituency. The famous Sun Temple plays host to the three-day long festival that takes place every year on the third week of January. The Modhera dance festival is a well-liked event amongst the tourist crowd as it the best place to experience the culture and traditions of the country. With the 11th century Sun Temple at the backdrop, each performance comes alive and transports you back to time of ancient India. Surrounded by beautiful sculptures, well lit ambiance and large connoisseur of dancers in the Sun temple, the air around you is powerhouse of energy, not to mention a mesmerizing sight. The various classical dance forms that are showcased are the main highlights in this festival. It proves as the best forum for aspiring classical dancers as well as professionals.

The Venue
It is not unusual for dance performance to be conducted in temples as they have been a part of our heritage and culture which is distinctive in nature. Apart from being a place of worship, the temples in India have also been a place of social gatherings to convey a philosophical message through means of dance, song and speech. The Sun Temple has not only been the backdrop for the Modhera Dance Festival but also hosted the Nagar Utsav. Having withstood the test of time, the Sun Temple is the perfect example to display India's ancient culture and legacy.

Types of Dances
The Modhera Dance Festival not only presents regional talent, but also exhibits some of the best talent in different forms of traditional styles. The festival showcases various dance forms such as Kathakali, Kuchipuri, Bharatnatyam and Manipuri along with other ethnic dance forms found in the country. If you plan to visit the dance carnival anytime soon then you must not miss out on the Garba as this is the main highlight of festival. Garba is the local form of dance in the region. Scintillating colorful costumes, catchy music to groove and rhythmic circular movements that take you to a dizzy height of excitements is what you will experience while watching a Garba performance. In short, lights, colors, high energy levels, glimpses of culture, entertainment is what best describes this festive occasion.

Spread of Festival
The festival is organized by the tourism department of the state each year with the view to spread and promote Indian art forms. The Modhera Dance Festival is relatively popular in the country and every wannabe artist wants to be a part of this event. Since the inception of the dance festival, the small township of Modhera has become a well known destination in the region. During the three-days of the festival, the city witnesses a huge footfall, with thousands of tourists and groups of well known dancers making their way to Modhera. With each year, the expected crowd has only increased.

Modhera Tourist Attractions
The Sun Temple in Modhera is a beautiful architectural structure that no tourist should miss out while visiting the district. Visit the venue a little earlier to explore the temple. Apart from this, you can also visit Ahmedabad, which is just 102 km away from the district. The city has many sights that would interest a tourist such as the famous Sabarmati Ashram, Jama Masjid and many other places. Apart local attractions that lure people to the metro, it is also time when the city is seen flying colorful kites. Ahmedabad is home to the famous kite festival that is celebrated at the same time.

How To Reach
Once you reach Ahmedabad which is an important city of the state, you can easily be connected to Modhera, as it is just 102 km away. There is an extensive network of roads that connect Modhera to the different cities of Gujarat. There are several buses that commute to Modhera, but you can also make use of the taxi services.